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Fly Fishing in Winter

Get the most from your fly fishing in winter With the colder winter months bracing the Kent countryside, trout fishing at Penshurst Park can become more challenging. The metabolism of trout slows as the weather cools and although trout will feed throughout the day...

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Penshurst fly fishing Catch Report October 2018

Looking at the log in the lodge It would appear the fishing is improving after the summer months,  l noted one of the most successful flys used in October was the Montana, this fly comes in varying colours and is dressed most commonly with a green head on long shank hook. I personally find it is best fished on a 9/12 foot leader with slow steady retrieve.

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The Penshurst Park Fishery open day

Report on the 2018 Open Day A most enjoyable time was had by all who attended the Autumn open day last Saturday. Fishing was difficult with the wind forever changing direction and making casting challenging. In view of only being able to fish Lake 1 a peg system was...

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