Please do not attempt booking unless you are a member, we do not offer daily pay to fish facilities

The Committee have considered carefully the comments made by the Prime Minister on 22nd February 2021 and are please to advise members that the Fishery will be Open for fishing on 1st March 2021.  it has been necessary to restrict the number of members fishing at any one time and until further notice you will need to book a fishing slot before visiting the lakes. There will be four timed slots per lake, two am two pm, you will only be able to fish the time and lake booked. You must  ensure you have your  confirmation email before visiting the lakes. 

No guests are allowed at the present time

Should you  need to cancel your slot please send an  email to:-

To book please follow the instructions listed below.

  • Step 1 – Choose which lake you would like to fish by selecting from the drop down box.
  • Step 2 – Click on the date you would like to fish – select am or pm- if the slot is not available it will not be shown. Click on your preference.
  • Step 3 – Once you have selected a slot fill in your telephone number, name and email address.
  • Step 4 –  If you have comments or questions, please add them to the comments section.
  • Step 5 – click the “Book now” button.
  • Step 6- you will now be back at the main menu page and will receive your confirmation email.

Any problems or questions contact :-    

For the time being a maximum of 5 fish may be caught by each member per week — 3 can be retained, 2 catch and release.  Please use barbless hooks for catch and release.

Catch returns.  Remember to email your return to   after you have fished using the link provided on your booking confirmation. A template of information required is provided with this link. Weights of fish should  be estimated

The Prime Minister’s Statement of 22nd February has not varied any of the rules laid down in his previous lockdown Statement of 19th December 2020. We are fortunate as Anglers to be able to enjoy our pastime when many other Sportspersons are not so fortunate. As a syndicate therefore it is essential we abide by the Covid regulations in place and are mindful of the further guidance provided by The Angling Trust on their Website, particularly with regard to social distancing, the wearing of masks and travelling to and from the intended venue for taking exercise. 


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