Report on the 2018 Open Day

A most enjoyable time was had by all who attended the Autumn open day last Saturday. Fishing was difficult with the wind forever changing direction and making casting challenging.

In view of only being able to fish Lake 1 a peg system was in operation in order to give everyone a sporting chance. Many thanks to Peter Bentley for working out the locations of the pegs, which included pegs on each of the islands.

A total of 34lb of fish were caught by 16 members. The prize of a bottle of champagne for the heaviest fish went to Nick Adams with a magnificent brown trout of 3lb 4oz.

Many thanks to Verena for her hard work in providing a superb buffet,  not to mention the excellent selection of liquid refreshment which complimented the meal.

For members information the work on the overflow ( Monk ) is scheduled to commence on the 24thOctober and once completed Lake 2 will be stocked and then both lakes will, hopefully, again provide excellent sport.