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Catch Report November 2020

Catch record Lake 1 Lake 2
Rainbow Trout total
45 103
Brown Trout Total
0 0

Trout Total (by lake)

45 103
Catch & Release 18 54
Fish Taken 27 49
Total caught both lakes 148
Average weight 3lb 1oz —-
Average catch per rod (both lakes) 1.4 —-
Largest Fish no clear winner —-
Caught by   —-
Fly / Lure used   —-

November fishing results have been mixed. Early in the month results were very good, however, members reported during the last two weeks the fishing being more challenging. This has not been helped by the poor water clarity of lake one at the moment.  On a positive note, the catch rate improved towards the end of the month, the overall average catch rate being 1.4 fish per visit.

The heavy rains during the last couple of months have brought the water level of both lakes up to maximum this has tested both the repaired overflow monks, Im pleased to report both appear to be working well.  As previously mentioned the down side of all the rain is the clarity of the water in lake one which has been very poor recently. After an initial investigation it appears to be an unknown source of muddy cloudy water bleeding into lake which is causing the problem.  I am advised by Peter B the cause is under further investigation. Lets hope its something that can be sorted quickly.

Due to Covid restrictions we still have a limit on the number of members fishing at any one time. Members pre-book via the web site choosing am or pm slot. Returns are being made by email, my thanks to members for making their returns promptly, this allows me to work out the average catch per visit and monitor the number fish stock remaining in each lake which is important information for the Committee for restocking purposes.

My thanks to Luke for this months lead image, three 3lb + Rainbows from lake two using a Fritz Montana with a slow figure of eight retrieve.

Merry 😷Christmas to all.


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