Jul 30, 2019 | 0 comments

Catch report June 2019

Catch record Lake 1 Lake 2

Rainbow Trout total

9 23

Brown Trout Total

0 0

Trout Total (by lake)

9 23
Catch & Release 10  
Fish Taken 22  
Total Caught 32  
Average weight 2.8 lbs  
Average catch per rod (both lakes) 1.00  
Largest Fish 4.0 lb  
Caught by R Cranum  


June brought mixed results partly due to the mixed weather conditions. Like most small waters the summer months can become challenging when with high temperatures causing the rise of water temperature making the Trout reluctant to feed and move around.
For those who did cast a fly lots of patience was needed with regular moves around the margins and changes of fly, these methods did bring some results.
The average weight and catch per rod for June were down on the previous months although the best fish this month weighed 4Ib.
I propose to take a summer recess on catch reports for July and August and return with reports for September onwards.
Tight lines to all.