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Catch Report January 2020

Catch record Lake 1 Lake 2

Rainbow Trout total

18 37

Brown Trout Total

0 0

Trout Total (by lake)

18 37
Catch & Release 38  
Fish Taken 17  
Total Caught 55  
Average weight 3.3 lbs  
Average catch per rod (both lakes) 1.9  
Largest Fish 3.5  
Six rods registered at this weight     
Caught by    


January report 

Despite the amount of rain over the last few weeks causing water levels in both lakes to overflow, this month’s figures show members who have braved the conditions have had some success with the rod average being up on December.

Care is needed when fishing lake two due to the high water level, but in spite of the high water levels the fishing is steady with various methods bringing results. 

The water in lake one remains cloudy due to the amount of rain, however for the members who have ventured to cast a line, fish have been forthcoming.

I have found that the best method for lake one at the moment is a 12ft leader, using unweighted flies such as Appetisers, Straggle Cats and Mini Cats Whisker. The flies are fished sub surface, it works for me, but no guarantee Gents.

The 2018 AGM was held at the Bottle House on Saturday 1st February 2020. The committee presented reports concerning various areas of the club which were both interesting and informative . Catch and release was discussed, members were reminded to use barbless or de-barbed hooks and to take care when handling fish. There was a suggestion for members to use rubberised landing nets as these cause less damage to the fish than traditional nets. I have been advised the club are looking at purchasing a couple this type of net which will be kept in the lodge for members to use when fishing catch and release.

Members had concerns about the water levels on lake two and water quality in lake one. We were assured discussions with the Penshurst Estate to carry out the necessary work to try to alleviate the problems are on going. Up dates on the work will be relayed to the membership in due course.

I have taken over the administration of the web site, allowing me to directly add articles and images to the web site. I am also able to register members so that they can view club related information and news in the forum and section. I know some members have had problems with registering, If you have had problems please complete the forum registration section on the site, I will then register you.

Should any member have up to date images related to the fishery or perhaps you would like to write an article related to Trout fishing please submit them to me via my e-mail for consideration. Remember we are always looking for new members tell your family, friends and acquaintances about Penshurst Park Fishery.

Tight lines gentlemen. 


Mail = wolfe.a@penshurstflyfishing.co.uk