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Catch Repot February 2020

Catch record Lake 1 Lake 2

Rainbow Trout total

9 37

Brown Trout Total

0 0

Trout Total (by lake)

9 37
Catch & Release 20  
Fish Taken 26  
Total Caught 46  
Average weight 3.4  
Average catch per rod (both lakes) 1.6  
Largest Fish 3.5  
Several rods registered at this weight  
Caught by  


February News & Report 

The middle of February saw both lakes flooded over the banks due to the various storms. Good news is the blockage to the Monk (overflow) on lake 2 has cleared allowing the water to drain to its correct level. The banks are saturated and boggy so care is needed when moving around both lakes. The level on lake one remains high and the water is coloured, however fish are being caught. 

Both lakes were stocked during the month and the fish I’ve caught during the month were in excellent condition. 

Don’t forget the spring social event on April 25th, its a chance to meet up with fellow members for some excellent food, a beer or glass of wine or if you prefer a soft drink and not forgetting some fishing.

Tight lines gentlemen and hope to see you on the 25th April.


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