May 12, 2019 | 0 comments

Catch report April 2019

Catch record Lake 1 Lake 2

Rainbow Trout total

19 99

Brown Trout Total

1 0

Trout Total (by lake)

20 99
Catch & Release 64  
Fish Taken 54  
Total Caught 119  
Average weight 3.00 lb  
Average catch per rod (both lakes) 2.5  
Largest Fish 4.5 lb  
Caught by R Cranam  


Both lakes are looking great at the moment, lots of wildlife and around the margins small fry, tadpoles and hatching fly life. During April lake two has remained the more successful with regards the number of fish caught, this may be due to number of members fishing the lake. Fish have been caught from lake one but they are a little more challenging.

Lures including Cats Whisker and Tadpoles appear to work well this time of year in the more coloured water, however as the water temperature continues to rise natural patterns will offer plenty of sport. I do hope everyone has seen the e-mail from Peter Pearson regarding catch and release and the guide on handling of fish. I would just like to add that if a landing net is used for catch and release Andy at the Friendly Fisherman recommends a rubberised mesh net such as the Greys GX Telescopic Folding Net, around £40:00, a worthwhile investment perhaps.

This months catch figures do not include the April open day as these were covered in the open day report. Wishing you all tight lines for May.