The Fishery is private and solely for the use of paid up Syndicate Members and their guests. Membership numbers are limited to ensure quality fishing and there are numerous bank locations for easy casting in this peacefully quiet and attractive setting. 

Membership of the PPTF Syndicate  is strictly on an annual basis, and there are no day fishing tickets available.

Members are permitted to invite guests to fish with them  in accord with the fishery rules at a competitive fee for a day and half day fishing.

For full members the membership subscriptions are £ 475 for the 2015 season.

The 2015 fishing season will run from 1st February to 31st December.

Full members can take up to three fish per day with a maximum take of five fish per week. Catch and release is possible using barbless hooks.

A full member can nominate a close family member (father, mother, son, daughter, wife or husband) at £ 50 for each nominee. Sons and daughters should be students and /or normally living at home with parents and under 25 years of age.

All members must have a current fishing licence as a condition of membership.